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Huge Water Consumption

Hello Everyone, once again I am asking the community to pull together and conserve water as much as possible.  With the heat wave, people staying home, everyone growing gardens this year, both for smoking and eating, our water consumption has more than doubled.  I am asking the Board to approve a Water Conservation Plan that will put a limit on everyone's consumption, however,  I don't want to do that if I don't have to, and would like to have it as a volunteer situation. The District has some consumers taking over 60,000 gallons per month, this is not fair to the rest of the community.  Fire flow is also a main concern, so please, please watch every drop.  Use nozzles at the end of hoses when washing cars, shut faucets off when loading the dishwasher and brusing teeth, every drop counts. Thank you! -Dianna Mann, General Manager