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There have been a lot of questions regarding the drinking water pulled from Clear Lake.  The private intake pumps and some wells do not have the proper filtering system required to remove cyanotoxins.  However, public water systems do have the proper filtering system to provide safe drinking water.  Even though not required by State this year, Clearlake Oaks County Water District pulls a sample biweekly testing for Cyanotoxins.  The following chart will be regularly updated with results:

Results in Micro grams per liter uG/l
ND = Non Detect    
Raw  Finish Date  
4.13 ND 6/9/2022  
1.64 ND 6/24/2022  
1.69 ND 7/8/2022  
0.56 ND 7/27/2022  
4.22 ND 8/5/2022  
3.93 ND 8/19/2022  
4.54 ND 9/3/2022